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Welcome to the website for people with brain tumors and their families


Our organization aims are to provide a broad range of help to patients and their families. We invite you to join our community, because together is easier!

Our main activities and objectives:

* consolidation of patients with brain tumors and their loved ones from all Lithuania.

* organizing small groups help patients and their relatives in Vilnius and Kaunas. Meetings take place in a cozy atmosphere. In the presence of people of a similar fate. Met to share concerns, joys, news. There are permanent members of the society, but everybody is welcome.

* the organization of seminars, mini conferences are affected. Participate in an international event dedicated to educating the public on matters "Awareness Week", the initiator is an international organization in patients with brain tumors IBTA.

* to provide a broad range of support (moral, informational, financial) in patients with brain tumors and their families.

* working with international patients brain tumors of the Association IBTA (they are members) (, in communication with the Lithuanian people with brain and their carers association, we are patient Lithuanian organizations LPOAT council members (

Founder of "Kartu lengviau"
(1979.04.30 - 2009.05.01)

In 2008, “Kartu lengviau” was founded by the most active Lithuanian brain tumour patients and their relatives. The initiator of the organization was Ingrida Blažytė-Byčiuvienė (R.I.P), an English teacher, who fell ill with a brain tumour in 2007, at the age of 27. She struggled with the illness for two years, and she dedicated those years of her life to actively working within “Kartu lengviau”.


For numerous Lithuanian patients Ingrida became an inspiring illustration of living one‘s life to the fullest and cherishing every single day of life.


“Kartu lengviau” unites brain tumour patients, their relatives, medical staff, and students. The name of the organization literally means “Easier together”. The main intention of this organization is to unify brain tumour patients and their families in Lithuania, to provide them with relevant information, with psychological and financial aid if possible, and to acquaint society with the illness by raising awareness of it.


In November 2009 Kartu Lengviau’s "The book for the patient” was published. The book covers many important topics (treatment modes, psychological aspects, advice about convalescence, etc.) for brain tumour patients and relatives.

"Impossible is until it becomes possible" (Jean Luc Picard)

So, welcome to our site. We look forward to your joining our community!